Buxton previously lodged an application for Exploration License E80/5579 located approximately 180 km south-southwest of Balgo Western Australia on unclaimed crown land and accessible via shire roads and several 1960s-1980s seismic lines.  


This license covers a prominent dipolar magnetic anomaly exceeding 1,500 nanoteslas in amplitude and 3,500 m by 5,000 m in extent.  The GSWA have recently released data from a 2017 Falcon airborne gravity gradiometer survey which reveals a similarly dipolar gravity high in a slightly offset position to the magnetic feature (Figure 1).  Such relationships between magnetic and gravity features is characteristic of Iron Oxide Copper Gold deposits including Olympic Dam and Prominent Hill.  


Results from Magnetic Vector Inversion of open file 400 m line spaced magnetic data indicate that the target is remnantly magnetised and is approximately 700 metres below ground level (Figure 2).


Buxton intends to incorporate analysis of gravity and seismic datasets, along with progressing access agreements to support infill ground gravity and magneto-telluric surveys and a co-funded drilling grant proposal.


Figure 1: Centurion Project summary geophysical target map showing CRA drillhole VE001, contoured 1VD airborne gravity gradiometer data from the recently released Kidson 2017 survey on GSWA’s open-file magnetic imagery. Note that the airborne gravity survey only partially covers the Exploration License.


Figure 2: Centurion Project cross section A-A’ (see Figure 1 for location).  The airborne magnetic data inversion by IGO Ltd is presented as shells with the historic CRA hole VE001 and an indicative planned hole BX001.